Back (Part 2)

Back from the Scottish Six Days, my second week’s orienteering this summer. Now at my parents’ house near Edinburgh, currently planning shows to see at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival over the next three days. To be precise, I’m lazing about while Alex and Nick are doing the planning…

Summary of the Scottish Six Days – great areas, especially Culbin (Thursday) and Anagach (today). Living in a huge Victorian mansion deep in a valley in the Highlands was rather special – the grand dining room with chandelier and paintings of various classical types was memorable – as were the sumptuous meals cooked by Tim and CJ. One particular meal finished at midnight. The midges were a bit of a menace, especially on the last day when they knew we were leaving. And it was a shame it rained on four of the six race days – though it wasn’t that bad when you were out on the forest. I got an opportunity to practice my race photography skills with my new SLR camera. Framing and focusing were difficult but I got a few good shots.

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