Race 9: Reigate Priory Map Memory

The ninth race in my pre-tour prep, down near Reigate. I arrived in the town in a torrential downpour, it was hailing and the hail was coming down so forcefully it was bouncing right back up in the air! However it stopped just before I set off on my course, which was a map memory course, 18 controls in 5km, leading through the grounds of Reigate Priory School and up around the woodland and hill to the south. I didn’t have any problems remembering the legs, although there were a few tricky (but short) legs. With so many controls on the course, it was important not to spend too much time looking at each map fragment.

A couple of observations – yet again, my mistakes were made when being distracted by the presence of others. Also I pace counted a couple of legs for the first time in (I think) any race I’ve ever done, and was pleased to find my pacing was spot on – I worked out one control was as far away again as the distance between two junctions, counted 47 double-paces between the junctions, and then it was there on the right after a further 47 paces.

I was pleased to win the race, in a good time. The weather probably put off more people from turning up though, so there were only around 10 runners altogether.

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