How I Get to Events

It is possible to travel to orienteering races by public transport – but only if you live in south-east England – living in the centre of London helps a lot too.

Here’s how I’ve got to all of my recent orienteering races:

13 May 07 Lesnes Abbey Woods C 15 T C 2
29 Apr 07 Rewell Wood C 15 T C 25
28 Apr 07 Foots Cray Meadows C 15 T C 5
22 Apr 07 Wimbledon Common C 2 U C 15
22 Apr 07 Hainault Forest C 2 U C 15
28 Jan 07 Hawley and Hornley C 25 T C 25
21 Jan 07 Ashridge C 40 T C 45
17 Dec 06 Ashtead and Epsom Commons C 25 T C 2
3 Dec 06 Hindleap Warren C 15 T C 40

Of course, I’m not including the events which I failed to get to as I could get there by public transport and had failed to get a lift, or had never got there due to late trains, missed connections, etc…

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