Oxford City Race, 4 November

Oxford City RaceOpen
47:57, 7.6mpk
25th/82 finishers.

Writeup / Results

It was great to finally run in the Oxford City Race, years after it was originally conceived. It was a novelty to be sprinting down the middle of the streets and past historic buildings. I even deliberately went through The Turf pub – because I could! I defintely had a home advantage, useful on the long legs as you could pinpoint the control and then fold the map away and sprint. Despite this though, I made quite a few mistakes and poor route choice decisions. For the Men’s Open, the planner was trying to catch us out as often as possible, and succeeded in quite a few places.

Incidentally the shortest possible legal distance for the course was 9.4km, making my pace around 5mins/km, a bit more respectible for what was a sprint, albeit a long one.

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  1. It was advertised as a middle distance race for a reason 🙂 And as you found, knowing where you were going didn’t necessarily mean you had the best route choice…

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