Recent Events

I’ve now competed in five, and missed two, of my planned nine events in June.

Frithsden East extractFrithsden East
Local Score Event
3rd June
Warm, sunny.
5.25km, 8.4mpk
Race writeup.

Petworth Park extractPetworth Park
District Event
4th June
Hot, sunny.
10km, 6.7mpk
Race writeup.

Hughenden and Downley extractHughenden and Downley
Local Evening Event
6th June
Hot, cloudy.
7.82km, 8.3mpk
Race writeup.

Mereworth extractMereworth
Local Event
10th June
Very hot, sunny.
5.1km, 10.9mpk
Race writeup.

Epping Forest SW extractEpping Forest South West
Local Evening Event
14th June
Warm, sunny.
5.9km, 9.2mpk
Race writeup.

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