Summer Series

I am, somewhat optimistically perhaps, going to nine events in June. They are all local or district events – at this time of year, the vegetation gets too high in the remoter, bigger areas, to be able to hold regional or bigger events.

Four of the nine are low-key midweek evening events, involving jumping on a train with the commuters after work and heading straight into the forest. Another two are Saturday local events, again likely to be low key. Two of the events are just down the road from the Sevenoaks event that I was at yesterday and enjoyed very much, I look forward to running on similarly nice terrain. Only one event out of the nine is on a map I’ve run before.

I really like June – it’s the one month where I have a half-decent chance of winning some events. I guess all the really good people have emigrated to Scandinavia for the summer.

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