Ightham SAX District Event, 28 May

(Cross-posted from my training journal at Attackpoint.)

Ightham map extractBrown course at Ightham. A really nice, quite technical area, tough going in places due to the late-May vegetation growth, but few brambles or nettles. I had a good race, although my general pace was a little slow, especially near the beginning as I was tired from biking to the event. I picked up speed later on though, and finished with too much energy to spare.
I made just one significant technical mistake – I failed to hit a pit in a green area, to be fair it was a bit of a bingo control.

As mentioned above, my start was slow, and although I didn’t make any bad route choices or get lost, I took longer than I should have. I exited 2 poorly, not seeing a path above, and getting stuck in some green. I hit 6 before 5 – but the two were only 100m from each other, and indeed the location of 6 was useful for finding 5. I failed to pick up my intended path from 6 to 7, and hand to climb up a steep bank. Leaving 9 my direction was poor – 30 degrees too far left, which meant I had to go very slow as 10 was technical.

11 was a great leg – I beat my peers here. 14-15 was an untimed road crossing leg, which I needlessly rushed. And 15-16 was very poor – more walking up a big bank, followed by the aforementioned bingo control. From then on it was flat and straightfoward. Took a bit of a tumble as I was speeding up for the penultimate leg. Was annoyed to find I’d kept too much energy in reserve as I sprinted for the finish.

Overall, I’m pleased with the result – I just wish I’d paced myself better. A nice SAX area – I’ve been to a succession of not great areas in Kent, but this (and Eridge) prove that, sometimes, Kent does have worthy orienteering areas.

My route RouteGadget

Selected Results (39 starters, 34 finishers)
1st Paul Nixon 57:37 (great time!)
3rd Simon Evans 61:06
7th Simon Errington 65:35
8th Ollie O’Brien 65:59
10th Don McKerrow 71:01


  1. How far was the cycle ride there, and was it a nice route?

    One day you’re going to have to write a glossary to go with the site, so those of us not as into it as you can fully appreciate your achievements 🙂

  2. It was only about 5 or 6 miles each way, but the route was hilly – including an exciting 2 mile off-road plunge down a muddy track. I detoured through Knole Park on the way back, which was spectacular. Lots of nice biking routes around Sevenoaks, I think we should get a trip organised!

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