Following Mapsurfer’s lead, I’ve installed RouteGadget on YepSport, so I can electronically plot my route for some of my races. There is an index of available maps I have up. For now, the only race is Day 2 of the JK, at Keldy. Here’s my route, running M21s.

Drawing my route for this course was an eye-opening experience. Only now do I realise how much time I wasted – not so much making the mistakes, but just by poor route choices. For many controls, I ran far further than I should have. The RouteGadget plot shows that for this 7.6km course, I seem to have actually run for 9.7km – an extra 27%. Only for legs 6-7, 9-10-11-12-13, 17-18 and 19-20-21 did I (a) not make a mistake AND (b) not pick an inefficient route.

Being more accurate will, I think, help me just as much as running faster and not making mistakes (although all three would be great!)

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