JK 2006

Ollie at the JK Relay, Bramham Park
Photograph by DigiSport, reproduced with permission.

One word – superb!

I really enjoyed this year’s JK. I had low expectations of the areas and my own fitness – but I was pleasantly surprised on both counts and glad I went.

The sprint race was superb and I’m definitely keen to do more. Day 1 was a true classic on moorland, with technical, moranic terrain, fast open moor, and cliffs. Best of all the last seven controls were all downhill! 🙂 Day 2 was also an enjoyable, well-planned challenge, weaving through tough physical forest with enough technicality to keep you on your toes, before an intense but attractive technical section. The contrast between areas was dramatic, the first day requiring Nordic-style constant contact with the map and good bearings, and the second day offering continental-style route choice. The relay area was a bit grotty and muddy, but was flat and fast and fine for a relay race. The weather was in general good, except for a cloudburst just before the relays. And I got around the courses much more successfully than I thought I would.

Thanks to YHOA for putting on a memorable JK.

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  1. Difficult question – the areas in the Lakes were probably technically better, and the scenery nicer, but I had better runs this year and enjoyed the areas more.

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