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The British orienteering “high season” for 2005-6 is now well under way – it runs from February-May in England, March-June in Scotland – and most of the big events of the year are coming in the next couple of months.

My planned events (using the fixtures map filtered view):

Tomorrow – Selhurst Park regional.
19th March – Hatfield Forest district.
25th March – Frith Hill local.
26th March – Epping South district.
1st-2nd April – British Champs & Relays, Midhurst.
9th April – Compass Sport Cup Round 1, Wisley.
14-17th April – JK, Yorkshire.
23rd April – No orienteering. 🙂
29th-30th April – Fonthill/Stourhead national (maybe.)
7th May – Perham Down district.
14th May – Shooter’s Hill district score. (Dodge the burnt out cars in SE London.)
21st May – Rushall farm district.
28th May – Ightham district.
4th June – Coombe Hill district. (I’ve walked to Coombe Hill – very nice place.)

June is local events and summer evening events, July is touring the multi-days in Europe!


  1. I thought someone would already have done it, awesome!
    It started with me wanting to easily find out where all the O events were and I quickly came up with this: (Just point Google earth there as a network link).
    But then your Fixtures map is awesome! and you’ve already spent a while decomposing the bof fixtures page (which must have been fun) and therefore your much more qualified to support this as a feature. It would be sweet…

  2. Thanks Chris. I’m hoping to add an RSS feed soon, and I’ll add your link for GE onto the map page too. I haven’t downloaded GE yet (it only came out for the Mac in January) but will take a look at it Real Soon Now.

  3. Thats cool. RSS would be great, and the GE network link is kinda related as it’s just a different ML standard to output the data (see Will definatly be better with the information available from your fixtures list; ability to add event description to the placemarks, change icon depending on date (just like you’ve already done with GMaps) etc. Good work!

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