Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

The latest “Oxford Today” magazine, sent out by the university to its alumni to make sure we don’t forget it, has a great full-page article on OUOC and orienteering in general, featuring a map of the University Parks (with JOK logo prominent!) and a great action photo – that photo is worthy of the front page of CompassSport! I wonder how many times they had to repeat that action shot. And it’s good to see the Permanent Orienteering Course is still in use four years after me and Matt (the prez at the time) spent a physical afternoon hammering the many posts into the ground. A great lay-man’s introduction to the sport, and the latest in a long line of articles OUOC has got in the press.

I’ve scanned in the page, for your perusal until I get the take-down notice. Click on the picture for a full-size version.

Oxford Today article on orienteering

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  1. That one took about 6 takes I think and there was a series of other locations tried as well. Cheers for scanning the article, means all of current OUOC can read it.

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