And Now for Something Completely Different

New toy arrived yesterday, after an epic eight day journey via Shanghai, Amsterdam, Arnham and… Northampton. New iMac, powered by an Intel Core Duo chip.

Comments after 6 hours:

  • Really nice big, bright screen.
  • Really thin case, considering the whole computer is behind the screen.
  • Really quiet (even quieter than expected.) This is really important in my small apartment.
  • The speakers point downwards into the table and reflect off – resulting in quite a nice sound actually.
  • Did I say how big the screen is?
  • I couldn’t get a wireless connection working – probably just some configuration thing, but I have heard anecdotally of wireless problems with the new iMacs.
  • Photo Booth is a really fun and really nicely executed.
  • The first application I downloaded off the net is Firefox. It’s a PowerPC application for now, which means it has to run through software emulation on the Intel chipset I have, so is a little slow.
  • I can use the remote control that comes with it to turn on the machine. Which means I can walk in from work, put on a movie and crank up the volume, without even going near the computer.
  • Wow this screen is big!

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