1. I’ve updated the list of events I’m planning on going to:

4-Dec C4 Banstead Heath, S London
11-Dec C4 GO Blackheath, Guildford
18-Dec C4 DFOK Joydens Wood, SE London
27-Dec C5 ELO “Festive Frolic�, Hedderwick Hill, Dunbar
8-Jan C3 SAX Eridge Park, Tunbridge Wells
14-Jan C5 CHIG Hainault Forest, NE London
25/26-Feb Varsity Match, Kent
4/8-Jul JWOC Spectator Races, Lithuania (with JOK)

2. A great route choice leg from the Epping Forest North event two weeks ago:
How would you do 24-25?

3. I’ve added map extracts to the two event logs below.

4. Esher Micro-O – the first Micro-O in the UK, and hopefully not the last, as I really enjoyed it, although I was much too slow and adjusted to the scale and contour interval changes badly (at both ends!)

Here is the first Micro-O control – note the absence of a control number on the descriptions. Below it is an extract from the “master” map showing the positions of all the controls.

Micro-O Extract

Micro-O MasterI definitely enjoyed the Micro-O and feel to should be part of a significant part of races on the UK. Unfortuantely due to the “purist” lobby/fear of change/effort needed in organising, it is unlikely to take over the UK orienteering scene overnight.


  1. We’ve had a similar purist backlash on this side of the pond. It’s unfortunate that IOF hurled Micro-O on WOC’s without doing some preliminary communication. Even though it’s been withdrawn from WOC, the resulting mistrust means the discipline isn’t likely to get a fair shake anytime soon.

    I just ran my first Micro-O last weekend. Details here.

  2. For that Epping route choice, I headed southwards from number 24 through the narrow gap between the green towards the overgrown bit with all the pits and depressions, and then took the path leading away from this area. I knew that there was definitely a way through since had already run through the narrow gap on my way to number 7.

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