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Jim DupreePlenty of orienteering weblogs out there now, including quite a few UK amateurs ones like YepSport. Blogs are so 2004 though, the current buzzword is of course podcasting. Think weblogs for your ears.

Not many orienteering podcasts yet – searching for “orienteering” in iTunes reveals just two possibilities – Mat Dickinson’s Orienteering Sport Now has one test episode, and the latest Jim Dupree: Enthusiast videocast, Episode 8, is entitled: Jim Dupree: Orienteering Enthusiast – it’s actually pretty funny, although not very much to do with orienteering! Here’s the orienteering page on Podcast.net – looking a little empty.

Hopefully there’ll be more to come…

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  1. I was thinking about orienteering podcasts while I was training today…thought it might be something to write about today. Turns out you beat me to the topic.

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