John Muir Country Park ELO “Festive Frolic” Local Score Event, 27 December

John Muir Country Park ExtractThe annual “Festive Frolic” put on by my old club, ELO was this morning. This year, for the first time, it was at the John Muir Country Park (rather than Yellowcraig) and was on a newly updated map – half the map is on a flat plantation, and the other half is on the changing dunes of “Spike Island”. This year’s race was “Sud-O-Ku” – going to each control on the score reveals a symbol (with coordinate) to be added to a grid – once all the controls are done, the Sudoku puzzle can be solved and the first back with a completed puzzle is the winner. However, 50 other features on the map were flagged with tinsel and another symbol and coordinate, so if you couldn’t do the puzzle, you could run around hoping to see as many of these as possible. In the end, I spent too long trying to find the extra tinsel features, and by the time I sat down to solve the puzzle, it was too easy – and others were already back. One of them was Jamie Stevenson, the British Champion and UK squad member – he didn’t win. Once again, nice weather – cold, with a bit of snow in the air, but no rain or gloom. The complementary soup at the end was timely, though.

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