• I subscribed to Orienteering Today, via their website. I’ll have Issues 3 onwards hitting my mailbox soon, and Issue 1 is available as that PDF – hopefully issue 2 will go up on the website too! Again, as I mentioned before, I really like the production on this magazine – it makes all the difference.
  • I haven’t managed to do any orienteering recently because there were no trains running on the necessary day for a couple of events (Leith Hill and Welwyn Garden City), then there was a spot of very bad weather… and then I came down last weekend with a nasty cold/sore throat/headache thing that’s been going around the office lately. Still suffering from it but hoping to bounce back because…
  • I’m going to the Kyloe orienteering events this coming weekend, up in Northumberland. A middle-distance race on the Saturday followed by a National on the Sunday. In light of my lack of health (and fitness) I’m running M21S on the latter. The Saturday race is also the JOK club champs (a handicap, so maybe I’ll do well!) and the JOK AGM is in the evening. There was too much of a danger of me getting voted onto the JOK committee if I stayed at home. Plus I’m looking forward to making it out of Zone 1 London for the first time in weeks. Bamburgh Castle, Holy Island and the Northumberland coast should be a nice change, although it might be a bit brisk.
  • It doesn’t look like I’m going to complete the remaining western legs of my X-England bike ride anytime soon, what with it getting dark when I tend to wake up at the weekends these days. So below is a map of the route so far. Green = really nice, Yellow = OK, and Red = really nasty bit of route. Malborough to central London was mainly on National Route 4, then London to Whitstable was generally on National Route 1. I also rode from Oxford to Reading last autumn on National Route 5, and have coloured in that section too. Note, west is towards the top of the diagram.

X-England Route so-far

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