It’s incredibly cold at the moment – sub-zero in London. This might have been a contributory factor to my bike was playing up on the way home from work yesterday – the chain fell off about ten times, and then snapped spectacularly. So now I’m left with a useless bike (not that it was particularly useful before – only 2 of the 18 gears, and none of the brakes, worked) and no easy way to get around London. A nightmare – I do a lot of travelling by bike and so save a huge amount of money thanks to not having to pay extortionate Transport for London fares. It also kinds of put my x-England bike trip on hold for now, not that I was managing to get out and do it much these days…

London Bike No. 3 might be on its way shortly. I could just get a new chain, but really, the brakes and gears have had it, too.


  1. How many times do I have to prod you to go talk to HR about the bike-for-work scheme? You’ll be able to get a new bike for about half price….

  2. Nick – I’m seeing if the damage is covered by my bike insurance, but if I do need to buy a new one, I’ll defintely see if I can use bikes-for-work, saving 50% sounds like a great iea.

    Mum – That’s Nick.

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