I’m recording my event results (and any training I happen to do – probably including the bike commute to work!) at Attackpoint.

See here for my orienteering/training activity in the last 28 days.

So far, I’m not hugely impressed with Attackpoint. It looks slick, but I got numerous errors when trying to add my first entry, mainly as I was inputting the time in the wrong format. Also, there seems no way to delete the activity categories that accidently got added when I was trying to correct the above issue. Still, the training log is a nice idea and presumably a good motivator – and it’s been built from an orienteering perspective, which is unique and great. I’ll probably wrap up the commuting in to a single weekly aggregate entry.

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  1. Hi Ollie,
    These problems were fixed around 9/19. the add-training page is now more helpful if you have any fields in the wrong format…specifically, it just fixes them for you. also, you should be able to delete any activity types for which there are no log entries (utilities -> edit activity types). Let me know if you run into any other issues.

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