Nopesport? Nope Yep

[Updated] Aargh, what’s happened to the Nopesport website? Not linking to it here, as it looks like it’s been namejacked in the last few days by a dodgy domain registry peddling ads, or possibly someone forgot to pay domain registry fees? The forums on Nopesport really invigorated discussion within the British and wider orienteering scene, and caused BOF a bit of a scare I think – suddenly the talking – and there was a lot of it – wasn’t going through the national body. Critical (but needed) talking too about the future of the sport and its structure in the UK. Maybe they did a bit of hacking. 😉

[Update: It’s back, at]


  1. nopesport is dead. it has been shut down by “the man”. many lawsuits pending regarding slander and irresponsible use of power.

    ah well

  2. Looks like it’s back, at – got the link from

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