Map of Maps II

Map of Maps II is on its way, a beta will be released shortly. This article is for comments on Map of Maps II.

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  1. Thanks Paul – I took a look and they work fine for me in Firefox 1.5 on the Mac. Are you using a PC? Please could you let me know which OS you are using.

  2. I have spent most of the day playing around with the Google Maps API after the Nopesport discussion on event listings.
    I have had problems with the map not drawing fully sometimes and I have now found that clearing the cache seems to stop that happening.
    I am using Windows XP.
    The result of my efforts so far can be seen at:
    Event locations

  3. Just looked at the AIRE registered maps and it is very cluttered by school maps which are never used for club orienteering.

    Is there anyway of segregating these out.

  4. Hello,
    Very nice job.

    If a map has been redone and have a slightly different grid ref, it appears twice. Is it a Map of maps bug ? Or should the old map been removed from the BOF database ?

    Christophe, BOK

  5. Hi Christophe,

    Yes, the out of date map should be removed from the BOF database (assuming that is their policy.) My website simply takes the date and presents it in a more accessible, graphical format. Data quality issues, such as duplicate maps appearing, do occur – however if/when corrections are made to the database, I would pick up the corrections when I next did a purge/reload of the data from BOF.

  6. Hi Ollie. I’m interested in your Map of Maps stuff. Is the BOF database that sources this information available for other sites to connect to?. If so, can you point me to the relevant information?.

  7. Hi, I am trying to contact you, but can’t find an email-address. Could you please send me an e-mail?

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