I Want to Break Free

In 12 hours, I’m off to Scotland, to conquer some personal orienteering demons at an event in The Trossachs, that most Scandinavian of British maps. Orienteering in the Trossachs is always a challenge, and I’ve never successfully completed a course there, let alone got a good time. The course details for tomorrow give a hint of the terrain – the M21L course has 700m of climb (most of the way up a Munro) while the most junior course (J1) is just 800m long – but even then comes with a warning that the difficulty is harder than would be expected for 10 year olds. Looking forward to it.

In two weeks I’m off to Stockholm in Sweden, for the 34th Oxford vs Cambridge Varsity Orienteering Match. I’m not expecting to do well, but excellent terrain and a good time is a given – although it’ll be even colder than a frozen London.

In eight weeks, I’ll be back in Oxford for the JOK 18th birthday dinner, and maybe a bit of a punt if it isn’t too cold.

In sixteen weeks, I’ll be in Barcelona for a stag do. Should be nice and warm by then!

In twenty weeks, I’ll be back in Scotland, for at least a week this time, for the Scottish 6-Days at Royal Deeside. I made it to the 6-Days in 1997, 1999 and 2001, but missed the last one. I had a good excuse though – I was in New York.

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