Mytchett SN District Event, 4th December

MytchettThis was a well attended local event, the local was just down the road from the excellent Bagshot Heath map. My last event however was back in October, so I wasn’t too suprised to get a fairly slow time (it was sub 9mins/km, but the winner did sub 7mins/km.)

I took 48:23 to get around the 5.55km Blue course, which had a suprising amount of climbing in it. The terrain however was extremely pleasant, as long as you looked out for the loose barbed wire, trip hires, and hidden bolt holes in this typical army training area. The course design was tight and I managed to make a number of mistakes, including an extremely silly one near the end that cost me at least 4 minutes and 50m.

Finally – a rhetorical question. Why can’t more events be on Saturdays? This was an easy 40 minute train journey away from Waterloo, thanks to the frequently Saturday timetable – I would have had a 90 minute journey if it had been on Sunday. Also there was no way I would have made it on Sunday due to a Saturday night party as I would have been too tired (ironically in the end I was too tired from this event to make it to the Saturday night party…)

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