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In order to eliminate almost all comment spam on this website (you never see it currently, as the spam gets caught in my moderation queue, but it’s a pain for me to clear out the queue every day…) you need to type the word “yepsport” into one of the boxes when making a comment. This simple extra step breaks the homogenity of WordPress weblogs and should stop the comment spam spiders from leaving their incidious droppings over the place.

As for orienteering – I missed last Sunday’s race due to much of the London Underground network not running. However I did make it (just) to Bagshot the previous weekend, and enjoyed my run in this excellent area. Full writeup to follow.

An planned extension of my Map of Maps project will be a map that “scrapes” the latest BOF fixtures webpage, to graphically indicate where in the country the next weekend’s events will be based. It won’t be pretty (it would be a bit much to ask for BOF to provide an RSS feed of the fixtures page of course…) but it should be doable.

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