Newland Park TVOC Local Event, 3rd October

Newland ParkThis was not a classic map by any means, but was a nice enough jaunt around the campus and fields and woodland surrounding BCUC (Buckinghamshire and Chilterns University College.) I did Green (the longest course available) and went around it pretty fast, recording a time comfortably under my 8mins/km target, but Rob Palmer beat me soundly, running 20% faster and finishing just over 6 mins/km.

My biggest mistake was a 60-seconder, approaching number 10 – the middle of the extract here, from the top left. I was confused by the pond being on the hillside, and not at the lowest point. Also, the grass was long and it was difficult to see the shapes of the thickets from the direction I approached from. Still, it was only 60 seconds.

It was a real shame that by far the best looking terrain, an attractive runnable wooded area in the centre of the map, was out of bounds and not used in the competition. If this, and the other out of bounds areas, were opened up, this could actually be a very interesting map to run on. For now though it was just a nice bit of exercise, and nice and easy to get to (via the Tube!)

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