Eartham Wood and Nore Hill SO Regional Event, 10th October

Eartham WoodThis was a bit of an epic to get to, tucked between the South Downs and the Channel, near lovely Arundel, My epic relay of a bike ride to Victoria, a 90 minute train journey, and another four mile bike ride, got me warmed up, but I twisted my back just as I was coming down the last hill to the event site. It was the usual back pain problem, in the same place as before. So I had to sit it out – I bought some proper O-shoes, finally, for the season, while I was there. By all accounts it was a tougher area than the map looked, particularly the Nore Hill section which had some interesting looking earth features (I didn’t see them as I wasn’t walking anywhere.) The prospect of a long journey back with a bad back making movement difficult, was initially very daunting, but in the end it wasn’t that bad, and I was back running in a few days.

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  1. The “interesting looking earth features” were probably the pre-historic (Iron Age – early Roman) field boundaries that are preserved in the woods. They form a series of terraces. One associated settlement site was tentitively identified in 1930 (to the west of the hill)

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