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I’ve put online a beta of my “Map of Maps” – an interactive map of orienteering maps in Great Britain. At the moment it contains 120 maps, 40 of which have viewable extracts. This is just a small fraction of the orienteering maps in the country. Soon visitors will be able to add their own maps and hopefully the map will grow into one comprehensively covering the country. For now, the points are mainly from my own maps and are clustered around the main areas I’ve orienteered in – the Edinburgh, London and Oxford/Chiltern areas.

You can zoom into particular parts of the map using the tools at the top, to separate maps close together. Thanks to Map Bureau for the package I’ve used to create the interactive map.

You need the Macromedia Flash plugin to view the map (this is a standard part of most browsers) and a Javascript enabled browser. Additionally the interactive map may not work with certain browser combinations, such as IE/Mac. It should look something like the screenshot below. Please let me know in the comments below if you have issues viewing the page, or you have suggestions for enhancements.

I mentioned this project earlier.

Screenshot of Map of Maps

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  1. I like your site. I don’t suppose you have the complete Hampstead Heath orienteering map knocking around do you? I’m taking a load of people from my office up there for a sort of team building thing next Wednesday and have just found out that the people who supply the maps have run out. I’m going to have to cancel the whole thing if I can’t get hold of a map.

    Thanks a lot,


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