WordPress and Yepsport

Yepsport is now on the WordPress CMS, having been on Movable Type up until now from when it was first started earlier this year. The key difference (other than the look) is that WordPress pages are generated on the fly for every view. WordPress also has a very active community right now, so expect lots of new and cool webloggy stuff to appear in the months ahead.

To celebrate, I’ll be posting a number of new articles in the next few days.

I think I’ve got everything just about right in the moving across process, but if you notice anything odd, or something that looks like it doesn’t work, please drop me an email at o.obrien (at) outlook.com.

My other weblog (Yablog) will be moved across shortly. NB. If you currently subscribe to Yesport’s RSS, XML or Atom feeds, you’ll need to change the link you use. Follow the links at the bottom of the panel on the right.

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