The Back is Back (and more)

As expected, I’ve bounced back very quickly from Monday’s low back injury, and was back at work today. I didn’t make the event tonight though. Assuming the pain continues to decrease, Sunday’s event is looking good.

My parents must be reading all three of my weblogs like every 10 minutes. I post to Yep Sport pretty infrequently, yet my dad still managed to snag my last story within hours of me posting it. I wonder if he’s discovered aggregation? My mum’s already put a book in the post…

Man it’s hot here in London! It’s going to be an uncomfortable summer in the flat if it continues like this. I think I prefer Edinburgh’s climate.

Good to see BOF has got rid of (or at least reduced the prominence of) pictures of little kids pottering around string courses in parks, and replaced the front page photos with those of some real atheletes in action. Orienteering is Sport for All, but it’s the champions that should be on the front page of a national federation’s website. Now if only they could actually get around to finishing the website… And why oh why don’t they just use a weblog – looks 10 times better, for 10% of the effort.

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