Nominative Determinism alive and well in Orienteering

Surnames of orienteers that sound like orienteering control descriptions:

Andrew Middleditch (SHUOC)
Simon Greenwood (SAX)
Nigel Bush (MV)
Ian Ditchfield (MV)
Andy, Elizabeth and Judy Bridge (SO)
Richard Field (SAX)
Neil Brooks (LOK)
Terry Marsh (SLOW)

Paul Street (SLOW)
Jonathan Street (HH)
Joe and Carol House (SO)
Pippa Whitehouse (SO)
David Funnell (SO)
Phil Marsland (SLOW)

More on Nominative Determinism.

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  1. Orienteering is a sport of competitive navigation, on rough terrain.
    Competitors have to navigate sucessfully around a predefined course in the
    fastest time possible, using a highly detailed and specialist map, and

    Wayfaring is the non-competitive form of orienteering. You may also have heard
    of rogaining, quite popular in the US, which is a form of “score” orienteering
    where over several hours, competitors have to visit as many “control points”
    as possible, gaining points for each.

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