A long-distance road cycle (just short of 1000km) in summer 2010. Via the Cornish Riviera, the Exmoor Coast and the Dorset Coast. This was more successful than my Thurso to London cycle, in that we completed all the legs in order, and without needing an extra day. Here’s my writeup – although I didn’t say very much this time.


Day Date Start Distance Climb Finish
Prologue Thu 22 July Penzance 12km 50m Penzance Details…
Day 1 Fri 23 July Penzance 98km (+35km**) 980m (+250m) Coverack Details…
Day 2 Sat 24 July Coverack 75km 1040m Golant Details…
Day 3 Sun 25 July Golant 79km 880m Boscastle Details…
Day 4 Mon 26 July Boscastle 93km 1060m Westward Ho! Details…
Day 5 Tue 27 July Westward Ho! 70km 1080m Lynton Details…
Day 6 Wed 28 July Lynton 103km 1470m Chard Details…
Day 7 Thu 29 July Chard 79km 970m Portland Details…
Day 8 Fri 30 July Portland 111km 860m Yarmouth Details…
Day 9 Sat 31 July Yarmouth 106km* 1030m Liss Details…
Day 10 Sun 1 Aug Liss 110km 670m London Details…

* Various options possible, depending on route taken around the Isle of Wight.
** To & from Lizard Point.

Who’s Coming?

Ollie, P-10
Paul, P-10
Anna, 2-3
Chris, 9-10

What’s the Scenery Like?

A Flickr photo for each day:

What’s Done?

  • Outline route planned
  • Train tickets to Penzance (with cycle spaces) booked
  • Booked YHA/B&B accommodation
  • Hill training

What’s to Do?

  • Detailed route planning
  • Pre-trip cycle service

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