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7 August 2014 / / Cycling
17 June 2013 / / Events

I’ve been looking for a while for an online service that would post my recent race routes to Facebook, for my friends to see when I’ve been running, orienteering or…

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20 December 2012 / / Training
14 November 2011 / / OpenStreetMap
13 November 2010 / / Training

Here is my GPS tracklog for the middle Sunday afternoon session of the Nike Grid game, running between two phoneboxes in E2. In order to stave off boredom, I tried…

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7 November 2009 / / Training

I made it along to the second Finsbury parkrun this morning, having missed the first due to a trip to France. It takes just over an hour to my “traditional”…

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24 March 2009 / / Training
19 March 2009 / / Training
18 March 2009 / / Training

I noticed for the first time yesterday, that individual trees are being stored in OSM, and being rendered on the default OSM/Mapnik map: The green dots are points tagged with…

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17 March 2009 / / Training

Some things I have been doing recently: London to Eastbourne I cycled 130km along most of National Cycle Route 21 on Saturday, from London to nearly Eastbourne (nearly, because I…

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