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15 October 2005 / / Orienteering

Here is the summary of the previous season. One of my fellow orienteers in JOK advanced the theory that the stress of work affects my results adversely. Case in point…

19 July 2005 / / Orienteering

[Updated] Aargh, what’s happened to the Nopesport website? Not linking to it here, as it looks like it’s been namejacked in the last few days by a dodgy domain registry…

10 April 2005 / / Orienteering
21 November 2004 / / Orienteering
14 November 2004 / / Orienteering
14 March 2004 / / Orienteering

[This article originally appeared on my main weblog, but has been updated several times since.] I’ve been meaning to make this list for a while, as I’ve now run in…