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9 September 2009 / / OpenStreetMap

I organised a street orienteering event last night in Bow, East London. It was the first race of this season’s SLOW Street-O series. Nearly 40 people came along and survived…

7 September 2009 / / OpenStreetMap
19 August 2009 / / OpenStreetMap

Street-O runners who read this blog may be interested in the most recent posting on my research blog.

4 July 2009 / / OpenStreetMap

Michael (of the Okansas blog) has recently mentioned two quite interesting orienteering-related ideas: 1. The COMO project, which is looking to use OpenStreetMap data to create orienteering maps. This is…

1 June 2009 / / OpenStreetMap

[Updated] I organised a major mapping party in Milton Keynes, a couple of weeks ago. Mapping parties are where a group of like-minded OpenStreetMap mappers get together to tackle a…