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22 December 2014 / / London
3 April 2014 / / Olympic Park

Part 2 of a writeup of a press preview tour of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – thanks to Diamond Geezer for passing his invite to me – see Part…

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2 April 2014 / / Olympic Park

It’s been nearly two years since the Games. The Olympic Park has gradually opened back up in legacy mode, but the central section, near the stadium itself, has remained closed…

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29 March 2014 / / Olympic Park
25 January 2014 / / Leisure

The Olympic Park in east London was a flurry of colour and activity during a few weeks in summer 2012, but since then it has been largely locked away –…

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4 October 2013 / / Cycling
15 March 2013 / / Olympic Park

I recently headed down the Lea Valley for a short visit to Stratford City (thanks to their Sundays-until-6pm policy when most other large retail areas close at 5pm) and spotted…

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22 February 2013 / / Olympic Park

Well last year was the year that the Olympic Park was seen in all its glory. Since then, the gates have been firmly shut and the electric fencing remains about…

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13 August 2012 / / Olympic Park

Here’s the announced timetable for the transition and reopening of the Olympic Park and a few other Olympic-related venues: 8 September 2012 – Lea Valley Whitewater Centre reopens 10 September…

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10 August 2012 / / Olympic Park

Regular readers will have noticed that my last seven posts, and the great majority of posts this year, have been about the Olympic Games – specifically, the Olympic Park in…

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