I’m planning to merge YepSport and Yablog back into one weblog. Why? * Orienteering is still my principal extra-work activity so I’ll be updating YepSport throughout the year. * I don’t update Yablog too much these days as I don’t do all that much interesting these days – this ain’t university any more, some of […]

Summary of Season

31 July – 6 Aug, Royal Deeside. Various times – see articles. P: Mod, T: Hard. 23 July, Thordon North. 61:50 for 6.4km (9.7 m/k.) 137% of win. P: Easy, T: Mod. 5 June, Black Park. 84:34 for 8.7km (9.7 m/k.) 158% of win. P: Easy, T: Mod. 18 May, Bedford’s Park. Modified score event. […]

Flickr Orienteering Group

I’ve set up an “orienteering” group on Flickr, for all your good orienteering photos. If you haven’t heard of Flickr, it’s best described as a collaborative photo gallery/community. The group’s website is If you are already a Flickr member, please join the group! If you aren’t, it’s easy to set up a Flickr account, […]

I Want to Break Free

In 12 hours, I’m off to Scotland, to conquer some personal orienteering demons at an event in The Trossachs, that most Scandinavian of British maps. Orienteering in the Trossachs is always a challenge, and I’ve never successfully completed a course there, let alone got a good time. The course details for tomorrow give a hint […]


Yes I should have been at orienteering events on both Saturday and Sunday. But I forgot about yesterday’s event until too late (I’m not used to events on Saturday!) and realised on the way to today’s event that I had binned both my O-shoes (fell apart in Sweden) and my running shoes (fell apart at […]