Orienteering Podcasts

Plenty of orienteering weblogs out there now, including quite a few UK amateurs ones like YepSport. Blogs are so 2004 though, the current buzzword is of course podcasting. Think weblogs for your ears. Not many orienteering podcasts yet – searching for “orienteering” in iTunes reveals just two possibilities – Mat Dickinson’s Orienteering Sport Now has […]

The Darkness

It’s suddenly just got much darker, just as I’ve got home from today’s race. Here’s why – a huge black cloud from an oil fire is spreading over London. Amazing satellite picture from the BBC here. It’s getting dark anyway at this time of day (4pm) but it’s like it went from day to night […]


Made it to the assembly field of today’s event (Blackheath & Farley Heath, Surrey) but no further – a dash between trains on the way to the event resulted in much ankle pain on my right foot – dull pain when still, fine when walking, instant agony when running. I’ve managed to twist that ankle […]

Types of Mistakes

As you’ve probably noticed from the last two event entries, I’ve started to list categorise the mistakes I make during each race, in the hope that I can identify and work on the worst ones. I’ll endeavor to keep the “poor mapping” excuse to a minimum – bad workmen like to blame their tools, so […]


I subscribed to Orienteering Today, via their website. I’ll have Issues 3 onwards hitting my mailbox soon, and Issue 1 is available as that PDF – hopefully issue 2 will go up on the website too! Again, as I mentioned before, I really like the production on this magazine – it makes all the difference. […]


From some random blog: http://www.oobrien.com/yepsport/ – Wait — getting to your desired destination with a map and compass is a sport??? Obvious Joke: No girlfriend I’ve ever had could possibly compete. New sport: Calculating and paying a gratuity of at least 18% while armed with a calculator and “The Tipper.” Indeed, it is a sport, […]