First (Real) Orienteering Podcast?

Mat Dickinson has now posted a couple of short podcasts at OS Now, which I guess makes him the world’s first second orienteer podcasting about the sport. Nice one! Now all he needs is a decent jingle at the beginning 😉

[Update – Sero mentions in the comments that Orienteering Orange has been podcasting for a few months now. Most of the episodes are in English, some are in Italian.]


  1. 31 January 2006

    to be honest we have the first orienteering podcast in the world, look at
    it start with the final round of the world cup in italy, october 2005.
    half of the news are english and half are in italian.
    take a look.

  2. Ollie
    31 January 2006

    Thanks Sero, sorry I missed yours out there – Orienteering Orange isn’t showing up in Google or in the big podcast directories. Great name for a podcast/website by the way, and I really like your logo.

  3. tom
    1 February 2006

    yep the logo is great. it reminds me of some american national sports league logos 😉

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